Industry cluster together hand in hand to build 2022 hats scarves gloves exhibition in Shanghai

  • 2022-08-06 11:29:19

Fashion, from the beginning. With the continuous development of the trend of the change, caps and hats protecting this kind of product already broke the warm warm, and so rigid demand, gradually became the new favorite of fashionable arena indispensable. After the baptism of the outbreak of the new champions league hat industry in China is gradually ushered in the recovery, according to Chinese commerce industry institute database (pictured), July 1, 2021 Chinese exports cap class 7.52928 billion, up 81.5% from a year earlier, showing a beautiful performance. Now, foreign trade the rebound has become a fact, but as the country to build a development direction of "binary" inside and outside, how to hold the original basic back plate under the condition of foreign trade to develop suitable for domestic consumers of a new generation of products, brand and sales channel at present the whole industry is an urgent need to solve the problem.

As a considerable scale and focus on domestic fashion trade show in the field of fashion accessories - the fifth Shanghai international hat scarf, gloves and clothing accessories exhibition will be held on March 16 to 18, 2022 in Shanghai world expo exhibition opens again. Under the organisers carefully nurtured the exhibition exhibited no matter from the scale, the exhibitors or attendance in the past has been a sharp growth, at present has developed into the hat industry annual event. The next exhibition industry cluster has been more than one hat affirmation and support, such as: wen ling, yiwu, dongguan and so on. They hand in hand to the exhibition platform power headwear enterprise together in the channel development, procurement, business promotion of the brand cooperation, negotiation open inside and outside the development of the brand, systematism, the process of modernization.

无任何记录 Fifth session of Shanghai international exhibition of hat scarf, gloves