China central television reported that yiwu continuous hot winter hats order

  • 2022-08-06 11:37:58

As the weather turns cool, various types of winter hats are also beginning to put on shelves, winter cap to further expand sales this year, as the main origin of domestic winter hats, yiwu winter hats order sales also attracted the attention of the society. CCTV financial channel reported on also.

CCTV reporter interviewed merchants in yiwu trade city sales winter hats, enterprises, as the europeans winter outdoor sports, they is a great demand for winter hats. Shop dedicated to export rabbit hair winter hats, good materials, design appearance very joker, has long been a sales is very good.

According to yiwu city business bureau of statistics, this year the first 9 months, yiwu export cap products up to 3.01 billion yuan, up 53.1% from a year earlier. Yiwu hat industry association Zhu Zhihui also said the yiwu hat products is also in the high-end transformation, constantly improve international competitiveness.

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